Get Started and Get Help

Sometimes people look at the job ads in newspapers. They look at the wages and think “I could do that!” However, employers hire people who have the right skills and experience. And they hire people who can show they are good workers. Use the Succeed in the Workplace tips to help you be a good employee.

Know your skills and interests.
There are many ways to use your skills and interests in your work. If you don’t know your skills and interests, go to Assess Yourself.

Target your job search.
Most people can do several types of jobs. Employers want to know why you would be a good worker for their job. Spend some time learning about the skills needed for the types of jobs you can do. Keep track using the Job Search Target worksheet (pdf).

If you don’t know what occupations you want to do, look at the Explore Careers section. Also, your library will have information about occupations.

Get Job Search Help

Services can include: 

Go to the Online and Local Resources for additional resources.

Job search can be stressful. Find resources in Take Care of Yourself.